Who said wall art was just for canvases?

Wall art doesn’t have to be limited to paintings and prints. Our blankets offer a fresh, innovative approach to sprucing up your walls. In this blog, we’ll show you why our blankets are not just for keeping you warm but also perfect for adding a unique touch to your home decor.

Color and Warmth: A Splash of Vibrancy

Blankets bring more than just physical warmth; they add a visual warmth too. Choosing the right color can instantly brighten a room, inject life into a dull space, or create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Versatility in Style: Adapting to Any Decor

One of the greatest strengths of using blankets in decor is their versatility. Whether your home has a modern, minimalist vibe or a more traditional, rustic feel, there’s a blanket that can complement and enhance your existing decor. They can serve as a statement piece or blend seamlessly into the background, depending on your space and your preferences.

Ease of Installation: Instant Transformation

The beauty of using blankets as decor lies in their simplicity. Draping a blanket over a couch can instantly change the look and feel of a room. And if you decide to hang it – whether casually with pins or more formally with our specially designed hanging frame – you can transform your space quickly and effortlessly. It’s a change that requires minimal effort but can have a big impact.

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