About Stray Studio

Stray Studio is an independent London-based design studio dedicated to showcasing the power of art in everyday living. Our vision is to transform functional objects into canvases for creative expression, where every design tells a story.

We believe in the spirit of collaboration. We have the privilege of working with talented artists who lend their unique perspectives to our creations. Our collections aren’t just a series of products, but a journey of artistry and inspiration, brought to life on the textures of our distinctive, jacquard woven throws.

In every aspect of our operations, we aim for sustainability and accessibility. We take great pride in our dedication to using recycled materials in our creations, aligning our passion for art with a conscious responsibility towards our planet. Meanwhile, we are committed to delivering unique, artist-designed pieces at affordable prices, as we believe that beautiful design should be within everyone’s reach.


Unique design, high quality and functionality – those are the kind of things we’re into.

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About Us

We’re Stray Studio – A small design studio based in West London.

Our passion for functional & quirky products and eye-catching interior statements led us to start this project of creating versatile blankets and throws featuring charming designs.

With versatility at the core of our product, we want to create a product range featuring all kinds styles and feels, featuring both in-house designs and designs from artists that we collaborate with.

Why Throws and Blankets?

  • Large, under utilised canvas space.
  • Adds a layer of texture.
  • Great value wall space filler
  • Something different

Large, under utilised canvas space.
They’re something everyone has somewhere in their home, the opportunity for something beautiful to be shown on them is not taken advantage of as much as it should be.

Adds a layer of texture
A common interior design tip to make a space stand out is to add texture. Draping a throw over a chair or sofa, or hanging one on the wall is such an easy way to do so.

Great value wall space filler
Filling a large space on a wall with a piece of art can set you back an eye watering amount. Hanging a throw is a unique way and great value way to fill the space. It just works!

stray studio

Our Team

We have a fantastic small close-knit team including a manufacturing specialist. We all share a passion for functional, beautiful products and creating things that can be both put on display and serve a purpose. 

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