Unique design, high quality and functionality – those are the kind of things we’re into.

stray studio

About Us

We’re Stray Studio – A small design studio based in West London.

Our passion for functional & quirky products and eye-catching interior statements led us to start this project of creating versatile blankets and throws featuring charming designs.

With versatility at the core of our product, we want to create a product range featuring all kinds styles and feels, featuring both in-house designs and designs from artists that we collaborate with.

Where can you find us?

We have a list of stockists and are always working on expanding this list and making our products available to get up close and personal with all over the country.

The Design Yard
Online Retailer

Sailors of Rye
Concept store in Rye, Sussex

Unlimited Brighton
Art and homey product store in Brighton

To achieve our goals in terms of characteristics of the fabric, we’ve settled on a blend of polyester and cotton, or a poly-cotton blend. We include polyester as it adds valuable colour vibrance and durability.

stray studio

Why Throws and Blankets?

  • Large, under utilised canvas space.
  • Adds a layer of texture.
  • Great value wall space filler
  • Something different

Large, under utilised canvas space.
They’re something everyone has somewhere in their home, the opportunity for something beautiful to be shown on them is not taken advantage of as much as it should be.

Adds a layer of texture
A common interior design tip to make a space stand out is to add texture. Draping a throw over a chair or sofa, or hanging one on the wall is such an easy way to do so.

Great value wall space filler
Filling a large space on a wall with a piece of art can set you back an eye watering amount. Hanging a throw is a unique way and great value way to fill the space. It just works!

stray studio

Our Team

We have a fantastic small close-knit team including a manufacturing specialist. We all share a passion for functional, beautiful products and creating things that can be both put on display and serve a purpose. 

Coming soon

Check out what exciting stuff we’ve
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