How Our Collectible Runs Work

For Artists

Our Collectible Runs are time limited pre-order campaigns where your artwork will be featured and sold on our woven blankets.

Each run is available for a month, and once finished we will produce and ship blankets based on orders received, making each piece a limited edition. Join us to create beautifully crafted blankets showcasing your unique designs.


Send us your artwork

We'll give you a drive link to upload your files.


Mock It Up

We'll create the product listing and marketing assets using our mockups and send them over to you for any promotion or posting you want to do.


Promote it!

Tell your friends and followers about your limited Stray Studio blanket collaboration.

Perform better, together.
We like to make a collaborative post between Stray Studio and the artist upon release for all designs.


We sell, you get paid

Once the campaign ends, we'll ship and send all of the orders placed. Let us know your preferred payment method and we'll send over your share accordingly.


Artwork transformed to woven Blanket

Results can vary depending on design complexity, colour gradients and
fine details.

Danse De La Lune - Jon Mayes

Sit back, and we'll do the rest

  • Shipping and Production

    No need to worry about production timelines and logistics arrangements. We handle all of this.

  • View your Reports

    Keep track of your performance. See how many of your designs have sold and how much you've earned.

  • Marketing

    We're here to try to get as many eyes on your designs as possible We'll feature your work in our email campaigns, social media posts, ads, and through other channels.

  • Payment Processing

    We use a secure payment provider to ensure smooth and safe transactions.