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As canvases, our woven blankets are amongst some of the most versatile ways to display art. To do so, we are constantly curating a network of artists to work with to fill your home with life.

This is our way of investing in the grassroots art community, as well as bringing you diverse artistic influences for your space.

Coming October 2023

Nima Nima Studio

Sun Dancer

Rikki Hewitt

Skinny Dip

Rikki Hewitt


Hanging Frames

We know a lot of our customers want a way to hang our throws. Aside from using our magnet hanging kit, the only options are figuring out a DIY solution or sending your throw off to be framed which is pretty costly.

We’re working hard on bringing something that’s easy to set up, provides a clean finish similar to poster frame 

Coming Soon!

New Creations

We’re excited to broaden our product range, designing and collaborating with exceptional artists to bring you rugs and other home goods. Our aim is to create a cohesive and harmonious flow throughout your home, showcasing unique and stylish designs that celebrate creativity.9


We acknowledge as a manufacturer of goods that all parts of the manufacturing process generate an environmental footprint.

Our desire to bring accessibility to the customer will always come at a cost to the environment, however we are actively invested in reducing this footprint through the use of recycled materials, removing plastic from the production chain where possible and investing resources into methods of sustainability as they become viable. 

Our next step in this process is confirming ongoing discussions to offset some of our carbon emissions with every purchase made.